Rodney C Burris

Inspirational Educator in Baltimore, Maryland

Rodney C Burris

Inspirational Educator in Baltimore, Maryland

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Hello! I'm Rodney and welcome to my page!

In 2018, I published a book called "Get Off The Cycle and Run!", which has been well-received all over the country!

If you like to be inspired by ideas such as the ones found in books like, "The 7 Habits of Effective People", "How to Win Friends and Influence People", "Who Moved My Cheese," and "Outliers" ...

...then you will LOVE to read the national best-seller: "Get Off The Cycle and Run!"

Join the many other organizations, schools and churches who are purchasing copies for their people who are depending on them for growth, development and positive decision-making!


The video below (scroll down) is a fun, quick and insightful look into my personality! Feel free to check it out!

I really appreciate this particular video because it was gifted to me by my neighbor back when I was wrapping up a stint at holding elected office here in Baltimore, MD. Although I'm no longer holding any seat, it still makes me humbly proud to see the journey that brought me here to you today encapsulated in this video!

I hope a small part of it brings a warm smile to your heart (click on it)!



Rodney C Burris is an educator, national speaker, youth advocate, and entrepreneur. Mr. Burris holds a BA in Psychology from the Johns Hopkins University as well as a MS in Nonprofit Management. His talks have been perfect for schools, corporations, organizations, churches, and universities. Because of this, Rodney has traveled around the nation helping groups improvetheir communication, while also encouraging leaders to incorporate simple team-building strategies to achieve greater success. Always taking pride in promoting the beautiful future of “Charm City” (Baltimore MD), Rodney invites you to come to visit the heart of the Chesapeake Bay, anytime!


I look forward to connecting with you!



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    • Johns Hopkins University
I had the opportunity to hear Mr. Burris speak and found his speaking style truly engaging. Mr. Burris was able to captivate his audience and relay his motivational message in a manner that makes one consider the paths, or cycles, they may have taken in the past that lead to bad decisions and poor choices (i.e. negative thinking patterns, troubled relationships). I look forward to reading the book in it's entirety and sharing the insight I obtained during the motivati
Mika T.
Hi Rodney! Why didn’t you tell us you are an author! [...She] bought your book last week, and since she is knocking out a required book for [our company], I stole her copy. I got about a 100 pages read this weekend, and will finish it in the next few days. For what it’s worth - I read very slowly, so that’s a huge testament to a good book! I love your simplistic approach to change! I’m looking forward to finishing it and discussing with you over our next cup of coffee.
John H.
Your enthusiasm , energy and how you convey the message of the book is stimulating! You make a person want to know more. You have charisma, you are articulate and your passion is felt from your delivery. What a hidden jewel you are to our city! I see A BRIGHT FUTURE HERE! God is working for you and through you Rodney! You found your niche! Walk in your purpose and Let God have HIS Way! Thanks for sharing - wish you much success (*angel smile*)
Billie C.
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