Healing From Childhood Trauma

What's Behind The Smile Of A Child

(that Holds Us BACK Today)?

Using the ACES model as our framework, we identify helpful coping mechanisms for improved health and happiness at home and in the workplace.

We often refer to these patterns of repeated returns to unhealthy habits as cycles.

And many more of us are unaware of the coping habits we have refined over the years to help us deal with the negative effects of these experiences. Oftentimes, these coping habits are unhealthy, yet they are familiar, so many of us go back to these same cycles over and over again repeatedly, as a means to better our existence. We don’t realize that although helpful in minimizing an immediate experience, these habits can be counter productive to our greater life goals.

Many of us are unaware of our experienced childhood trauma we just view it as “normal”.

Cycles represent the fixed-attitudes/personal-behaviors/intimate-relationships that may have been healthy for us at one point, but which have now become detrimental.

I CRIED for YEARS as a kid,
But because my TEARS weren’t visible,
No one seemed to Notice;
No one seemed to CARE

If we have ever found ourselves working on the same project, week after week, month after month, year after year, yet still have little progress to show for the amount of effort and energy we’ve put in, then  our current approach to that project has us stuck on a cycle of non-productivity, and some major changes need to be made. — If most of the time we feel unhappy, tired, heavy, lethargic, unfulfilled, loathed-to-continue your day, loathed-to-start a new one, then our current conditions are currently looping us in an unhealthy feedback cycle, in which little is gained, little is lost, yet burdens abound.

We Need to Get Off Those Cycles and RUN!

By taking steps to heal from our past emotional wounds it is possible to find improved healing of our experiences here in the present. With intention (from us) and with support (from our friends, employers), we can begin a journey that will ultimately result in healthier relationships, healthier habits, healthier bodies, and healthier work-life balance.