Sometimes, breaking an old habit brings new success!

By: Rodney C Burris

Cycles represent the fixed-attitudes/personal-behaviors/intimate-relationships that may have been healthy for us at one point, but which have now become detrimental. As the old saying goes, “once you’ve learned how to ride a bike (cycle), you will never forget.” The same is true for any type of cycle in our lives.

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Rodney’s gift is the ease in which he can help people realize how to become different and better than their circumstances/background/conditions by focusing on the simple changes that achieve the big goals. Rodney has assisted numerous companies improve team-building, communication, data evaluation and program development. His workshops and seminars are among the most popular in colleges, corporations, nonprofits and schools throughout the United States and abroad.

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Get Off The Cycle and Sprint

This is a digest version of the best-selling book, "Get Off The Cycle and RUN!"

By: Rodney C Burris

For a more robust dive into this world, check out the original title. For now, we sprint!
When I first wrote the book “Get Off The Cycle and RUN!”, I had no idea it would be so well-received. Truly, I was warmly overwhelmed by the responses to the shared within those pages. I took note of all of that feedback and have included many of those updates in later editions. One piece of feedback stood out for me. It goes as follows: An attorney called me one day. “Rodney, I love the book, I love the concept” he said. “I just wish I could get all of these nuggets in a digest version, so that I could get the benefit of the ideas within fewer pages.” Like a vision, I saw the whole new revised book: It was about a third of the size — a booklet, if you will. Many of the illustrious stories were taken out. Emphasis was placed on the tenets of each chapter. And on the front cover, the word “Run” was scratched out and replaced by the word Sprint….–To all my busy types out there: Here’s to you breaking cycles! Here’s to you changing your life! Here’s to you going into new horizons! May this book inspire to Get Off the Cycles that have held you with mediocre progress in your relationships and in your goals. Keep Running Sprinting!

Get Off The Cycle and Work

Work (n): mental or physical activity designed to achieve new and improved results

By: Rodney C Burris

Why the WORKBOOK…The original title, “Get Off the Cycle and RUN!” does a phenomenal job of feeding us new tools for soul growth. Here in this WORKBOOK, we are going to get some practice using those tools. You see, the term work implies that actions were taken to make some things different and hopefully better in our lives.In this sense, WORK happens when we take what we know and apply energy and effort to it, resulting in measurable & observable change. 

Get Off The Cycle and Color! Your Mindset

The COLORING BOOK companion booklet for the best-selling self-improvement series, “GET OFF THE CYCLE And RUN!”

By: Rodney C Burris

Why COLORING is so THERAPEUTIC:Coloring is a form of art therapy. Art therapy allows us to turn off our mind for a moment and tap into our hearts:•In psychological terms, art therapy allows us to give our conscience a moment to rest, granting our subconscious a chance to be more expressive of deeper thoughts, while becoming more receptive to incoming corrective suggestions, such as the ones found within these pages.•In spiritual terms, it can be said that art therapy allows The Creator to commune with us directly on a soul-level, without the normal blocking and filtering that may come as a natural byproduct of our human experience.

In neurological terms, art therapy allows us to use the right-side of our brain, which is responsible for creativity, emotional-interpretation, intuition and meaning; the left-side of our brain is more analytical and is responsible for logic, mathematical operations and language. Whenever we take a moment to be expressive in a lighthearted and carefree way, we release the hidden blockages / concealed hurts / cloudy tangles that exist within all of us. Just as importantly, we must also remain mindful that when this releasing happens, we become very susceptible to innuendos, to injunctions, and to ideas — no matter how true, helpful, necessary or kind these suggestions might be. Therefore, it is exceptionally important that we refresh ourselves with empowering concepts that will shape the mentality we desire to have moving forward.This booklet is especially designed to do this.

Get Off The Cycle and Get Your Money! Right

The FINANCIAL FOCUSED booklet from the best-selling self-improvement series, “GET OFF THE CYCLE And RUN!

By: Rodney C Burris

This workbook is focused on improving our financial futures by understanding how our current habits and decisions impact our own access to money, in ways that we may (not) even be aware of. Each section gives investing, budgeting and resource-based knowledge — coupled with a personal stories — to demonstrate how things can actually play out in our lives. There are also several questions that allow you to delve deep into your own mindsets around spending.