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Youth Advocacy & Education

Inspirational, Transformative, Impactful & Insightful!

Realizing Effective Strides Thoroughly

Youth Advocacy and Education

The simple fact of the matter is that we are too busy to rest.
We are too tied-up to have down time.
We are needed too much to allow ourselves to relax.
We are too behind to get a full night’s sleep.

Or Are We?

What if the peaceful balance we would like to have is actually a lot closer than we believed, because we have done more than we realized?
What if there was a simple way to figure this out?
Let’s take a moment & explore this, together.

Becoming Different and Better

Motivation topic

Currently, this version of ourselves is only capable of producing the results it always has.

For short bursts, we can TRY to do different & better, but it will always feel like a STRETCH…

It will feel unnatural & uncomfortable to who we currently are..

In order for our desire to be a COMFORTABLE & NATURAL expression of who we Are, we must not “do”, ….we must learn to BECOME…

Because *Better Includes Difference*

And the tools are so simple.

Let’s learn how together

Your PURPOSE: The Hidden Secret Found in Water

Motivation topic

What if knowing our purpose in life was as simple as drinking a glass of water?…

What if the parallels found in water have been staring us in the face this whole time?…

What if we could understand these principles in a new light, and give ourselves a brand new lease on life that changed everything?

Sounds too simple, right?

To quote Albert Einstein, “Only when you can explain it simply, do you truly understand it”.

Because of this, when you understand water in this new lens, you will then understand your purpose. It’s that simple.

Let’s dive in.

HEALING Is Process...

Motivation topic

When a word ends in *ing*, it signifies that the action has started in the past, and yet still continues to the present.

Because we understand this with most words (e.g., running, baking, sleeping), when we don’t allow ourselves to accept it for our hurts, we cause ourselves to experience Cognitive Dissonance, which itself then creates a whole plethora of illnesses, breakdowns, relationship-failures and miscommunications.

We must then first address what this dissonance is rooted in so that we can release it and continue our process.

The best part, it’s a lot less complicated than we ever thought it was.

Let’s share it amongst each other, today.

Make It Home Alive:
5 Tips for young people when interacting with police

Youth Advocacy and Education

Name at least 3 young people in your life today.

Could they all name the 5 Essential, Life-Saving Skills they need when interacting with Law Enforcement?

If not, bring them to this session with us, TODAY.

It could literally be the difference that helps them make it home, Alive.

Positive Decision Making

Youth Advocacy and Education

Sometimes it is hard choosing between what’s right and what makes sense…

Of course, it’s easier as adults for us to see the decisions that they could have made in comparison to what they chose, but many of us (adults) got this knowledge over years of trial and error. We’re just simply trying to save them from the years of pain and turmoil… How admirable. BUT…

What if there is a better way…

Set up the appointment Today, and watch them tap into themselves in a way that makes you and them, proud.

Career & College: Life After Graduation

Youth Advocacy and Education

What are the 3 components that create a successful career?

What are the 8 factors to be considered for college that should be worked on during high school?

When is it okay to encourage young people to consider the other options combat forces (military), or other ways contributing gainfuly to the market

What are 8 transferable skills that will benefit them in any of these areas?

The reviews are in, this workshop is amazing for young folks.

Let’s equip them, today!