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Rodney Inspires People to Discover and Reach Their Fullest Potential.

Need a Speaker?

Inspirational, Transformative, Impactful & Insightful!

Motivational Speaking

REST: Realizing Effective Strides Thoroughly

Becoming Different & Better

Your PURPOSE: The hidden secret found in Water

Healing is a Process...

Youth Advocacy & Education

Make It Home Alive: 5 Tips for young people when interacting with police

Positive Decision Making

Career & College: Life After Graduation

Youth Outreach

Ready for a Coach?

As a group, we will walk together to success, becoming a better organization along the way

Professional Development Workshops

Small Group Communication

TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More

Work-Life Balance

Series: Five Fast Features For Fixing Firms

Let Me Host!

Funny & Engaging with the crowd, Quick-Witted with High-Energy
Everyone will feel amazing after your event!

Master of Ceremony - Host - Facilitation

Wedding Receptions



Fashion Shows

Birthday Parties

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